My relaxing alone time. All by myself. Completely alone.

It's been 24 hours since my husband was selfish enough to go and earn some money straight after Christmas and leave me ALONE with our kids. Luckily he's back now, so I've decided to have a bit of me time. I've been in the quiet solitude of the bathroom for about three minutes watching the... Continue Reading →


Guess How Much I ACTUALLY Love You

Little Bess and Percy, who were going to bed, held on tight to Big Mummy's hair and clothes. They wanted to be sure that mummy was listening, because sometimes she was playing on her phone or daydreaming about a time before she had children, and sometimes she was actually asleep herself. 'Guess how much we... Continue Reading →

The Day I Held Poo

  I began to feel a rumble. That is not news. That is extremely normal for my farty, burpy peach of a ten week old baby. I continued my conversation on the phone. I felt warmth on my leg. Now, that is normally news of some sort. Sudden warmth, as all experienced mothers know, is... Continue Reading →

The Wilderness

I live in the wilderness. I ponder and love in the wilderness. I get lost, stumble and I cry in the wilderness. I dance and I play in the wilderness.  I stand strong and alone in the wilderness. At least, I try... What is this place... this wilderness? It is a natural environment or wild... Continue Reading →

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